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FIFA U-17 World Cup begins Today

Today is a big day for Indian sports. For the first time, a FIFA tournament is being organized in India, starting today, the FIFA Under-17 World Cup is being started. On the first day, hosts India face the US. Prime Minister Narendra Modi itself will be present in the field to see this match. Twitter account has been created in Hindi by FIFA.

India's match starts at 8 pm at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. Many children will also go to see matches with PM Modi. Most of the tickets have been sold of this match.

FIFA for the first time since independence

Significantly, this will be the first time since independence that India is participating in any FIFA World Cup. Earlier, when India got the opportunity to play the Senior World Cup in the 1950s, then it turned down. Because the condition was to wear shoes. But now India has changed. We are the emperor of cricket, now it is time to show self-sufficiency in football.

Experience vs. Newbie War

The Indian team is getting an opportunity to play in this World Cup because it is a host. Indian team is taking part for the first time, but America's team is not new. He has participated in this tournament 15 times, and has also gone for four quarters of the final.

FIFA came in Hindi

FIFA has also made full preparations to make people crazy about football. FIFA has opened the Hindi Twitter account so that she will share all the information related to the tournament in Hindi.

Sachin said - Best of luck

Former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also greeted the Indian team for the first match. Sachin released the video saying that it is a big moment for the Indian game, we should be proud of this.

Group A

India, America, Colombia and Ghana

Group B

Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand and Turkey

Group C

Iran, Guinea, Germany and Costa Rica

Group D 

North Korea, Niger, Brazil and Spain

Group E

Honduras, Japan, New Caledonia and France

Group F

Iraq, Mexico, Chile and England

India's 21-member team is as follows.

Amarjeet Singh Kayam (Captain), Dhiraj Singh, Boris Singh Thangam, Suresh Singh Wangjam, Kumantham Matei, Jackson Singh, Mohammed Shahjahan, Nonggamba Naorame, Prabhashankan Singh Gill, Sunny Dhaliwal, Anwar Ali, Jitendra Singh, Abhijit Sarkar, Rahim Ali, Sanjeev Stalin, Hendry Antoine, Namit Sandeep Deshpande, Aniket Anil Jadhav, Komal Thattal, Lalangmaviya, Rahul Kenoli Praveen.