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You Decide its Out or Not

There are so many incidents on the field of cricket, but some incidents are such that you cannot even imagine. Because of these incidents, sometimes the rules of cricket have to be kept in mind. One such strange incident happened in the city of Melbourne in Australia when the ball hit the middle stump and the stump collapsed, but the Wales did not fall. You might be wondering how this might be possible, but it has happened.


This event is a Winter Competition being played in Melbourne. The match was being played between Moony Valley and Streymore Heights Cricket Club. Moony Valley batsman Jitendra Singh In this match, the lions became clean, but the wales did not collapse and the middle stump was crushed. However after some discussions, the umpires have called Singh out.


According to the rules of cricket, if the ball stumps on the stumps and if the wales do not move from its place, then the batsman cannot be bowled out. But in this match played in Melbourne, then the crials stayed at their place and the middle stump was uprooted. According to the rules of cricket, Jitendra Singh was not out. But the umpires discussed them out and called them out. In such a situation, the umpires violated the rules of the game knowingly.